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Migun Mats

The Migun Mat is the next step in bringing natural health into your home. Constructed with six durable layers, the Migun Healthy Mat, Mini-Mat, Mini-Pad, Car-Mat and Mini-Mat Duo create healthy atmospheres for your home and your automobile by producing negative ions, generating far infrared rays, and completely neutralizing harmful electromagnetic waves. The Migun Mat is the ¡°healthy relax system¡± that integrates natural and modern science that can help you attain quality undisturbed sleep and rest.

Possible Benefits

- Help remove cholesterol, toxins, and lipids; boost the immune system (FIR)
- Expand arteries and veins; revitalize circulation (FIR)
- Help increase metabolism and will eventually propagate cell regeneration (FIR/Negative Ions)
- Successful treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasms (FIR)
- Cells become very active; nutrition is more efficiently absorbed in cells; and the waste is effectively discharged (Negative Ions)
- Allow you to achieve quality deep sleep cycles (Negative Ions)

Far Infrared Rays

The Migun Mat¡¯s patented technology uses Far Infrared Rays, which refer to a specific type of light (heat energy) that exists beneath the visible spectrum. When the heat system in the MIgun Mat is turned on, Far Infrared Rays enter as deep as 4~5 cm into the body. Far Infrared Rays have been proven to increase blood circulation, the lymphatic system, metabolism, and boost the immune system.

Negative Ions

The amazing news is that the Migun ¡°100 Year Old Stone¡± emits an unheard of 1200~1400 negative ions per cubic centimeter. A prolonged exposure to this level of negative ions has many positive effects on the body. Studies show that negative ions can cleanse the blood, regenerate cells, purify the air, and helps to balance the internal organ functions.


The Migun Mat does not emit harmful electro-magnetic waves that can disrupt your healthy flow of energy. EMF has been known to cause miscarriage, birth defects, leukemia, brain tumors and other diseases.


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