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Welcome to the MIGUN Business Opportunity.

Migun was founded on the idea of taking responsibility for people's health and improving people's lives by combining the principles of Eastern Medicine with Western technology.

As a growth oriented company at the forefront of our industry, MIGUN is constantly expanding into new markets throughout North and South America.

Being number one in our industry, we have been honored with over 50 different prizes and awards, local and international, ranging from the Los Angeles Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Award from Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn to the Gold Prize and IFIA Special award at the International Invention Patent Expo in Geneva, Switzerland.

We have free Demonstration Centers on both coasts where thousands of people experience the Migun Thermal Massage Bed (FDA Approved Class II Medical Device) on a free trial basis while attending valuable lectures on maintaining good health.

The demand for our unique products worldwide also presents excellent business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to build a future in this field.

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the rise of alternative health care in the U.S.

In the United States the use of alternative medicine has grown in popularity over the last decade. Alternative medical treatments are no longer viewed with suspicion. Instead, many Americans are familiar with different types of alternative medical techniques and appreciate the efficacy of them.

The estimated expenditures for alternative medicine, which were mostly out-of-pocket expenses, have increased from $14 billion in 1990 to $27 billion in 1997.

The number of visits to alternative care practitioners has increased from 427 million in 1990 to 629 million in 1997. These figures exceed total visits to all primary care physicians and are expected to grow rapidly

The growth of the population age 65 and older


The rise of the elderly population in the U.S.

Based on the current health status of Americans and demographic trends, this booming lucrative market will continue to experience rapid growth in the future.

An estimated 120 million Americans have chronic health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, depression, and arthritis.

Representing only 12.4% (35 million) of the American population in 2000, persons aged 65 and older will account for 20% (70 million) of the population in 2030.

In the self-care arena, where an increasing number of Americans are using alternative medicine to take charge of their health, Migun has developed products that address the health concerns of this demographic.
Our products are effective, economical, non-invasive and harmless. They are the perfect choice for aging Baby Boomers and working-age Americans who are looking for a quick and convenient therapy that promotes a sense of well being. After years of research and development Migun is ready to capitalize on the business opportunities in this booming market. Migun is an innovative leader in the alternative health care industry and we invite you to join us as we meet the extraordinary demands of this industry.


Learn about Migun's extraordinary marketing strategy

Migun has adopted a customer-centric business model and strongly believes that a company must deliver total customer satisfaction in order to attain long term growth.
Satisfied customers become loyal advocates of the company and will spread the word to others, creating positive word-of-mouth advertising and ultimately, long term growth for the company.

Migun believes that "word of mouth" advertising is the most important way to spread the word about our incredible products. We are so confident in the efficacy and benefits of our products that we offer a FREE, UNLIMITED trial period to those who visit our Demonstration Centers.

Once you personally experience the positive effects of our Migun Thermal Massager you will not only REALIZE the incredible benefits it has to offer, you will FEEL the benefits as well.
Some wonder how Migun is able to earn a profit by offering free, unlimited trials with no obligation to purchase. Migun believes that the only way to achieve growth and long term profits is to develop a loyal customer base. Loyal and satisfied customers are spreading the word by encouraging others to try our products.

Remember that no one is under any obligation to purchase a unit. Migun values all of our customers. For those who cannot afford a unit, it is enough that they experience the positive effects of our Thermal Massage unit while at our Centers.
Migun offers presentations and unlimited trials because we want all of our customers well informed of the benefits of using the Migun Thermal Massager. Again, the final decision to purchase a product is in the hands of you the customer.

Please take this opportunity to visit a Migun Demonstration Center so that you too will be able to experience firsthand the positive effects of our products.

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